Komatsu Comfort Ride.

Hydraulic cab suspension done right.

This innovation and a feature option not only increases productivity, improves ergonomics and optimizes comfort, but also makes the cabin and the entire forest machine a much better workplace. That's the result of our unique hydraulic cab suspension: Komatsu Comfort Ride.

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How it works

Komatsu Comfort Ride is built on four gas cylinders, one under each corner of the cab. This solution – to dampen all four corners – is essential for getting maximum effect of the suspension. But there is more. Another advantage of Komatsu Comfort Ride is its uniquely long stroke cylinders ( + -10 cm). This length absorbs shocks and decelerates cab movements in a superior way. In addition, Komatsu Comfort Ride also significantly reduces noise.

All in all, you get both a gentler and more productive work environment, even in the most difficult terrain and at higher speeds.

Special benefits and safety features

An integral and important part of Komatsu Comfort Ride is the Ride Height Control that allows you to get maximum suspension even uphill and downhill slopes. This function compensates for centre of gravity offsets on various grades. Komatsu Comfort Ride is also unique in terms of safety and meets all the requirements of ISO 13849. One example is the mechanical lock that firmly locks the cab for service or when the forest machine is transported, i.e on a trailer. Another safety feature is that the cab suspension automatically shuts down when the operator opens the door.

Service-friendly and reliable

With Komatsu Comfort Ride you get advanced cab suspension while maintaining the renowned Komatsu serviceability The cab is easy to tilt and you have good access to all components. The cab is obviously impact tested and the reliability of the suspension function is ensured, not least thanks to the design with strong bearing positions. The function is rigorously tested and proven under the toughest possible conditions. Important to note is that the machine can be used in a normal way even when the cab suspension is not enabled.

The cab suspension is controlled via our market leading system MaxiXplorer. You effortlessly activate and park this feature from inside the cab. The control system can also be used to run function tests of all cylinders individually. As you probably realized, this innovation marks the beginning of a new era in modern forestry in terms of maximum comfort, ergonomics and productivity: The Forestry Quality era.

Get your first glimpse - watch the movie

Are you curious to watch Komatsu Comfort Ride in action? In the video you get a preview. The video shows one of our new forwarders, Komatsu 855, equipped with the new cab suspension.